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There is no greater life commitment than becoming a parent.

For some people there’s a clear life vision that involves becoming parents. But for many, it’s not such an easy choice.

Maybe one of these thoughts resonates with you:

  • Parts of parenting seem really dreamy- but a lot of it doesn’t.

  • I don’t know how I could be a parent and not turn out like my parents.

  • Sometimes I want to have a baby, but I'm not sure- and it’s not something you can back out of.

  • I think I want to stay child-free, but I worry I will regret it someday.

  • I’m single and I’m not sure I want to parent alone.

  • My partner and I are on two different pages about having kids- but we really love each other.

  • How do we know when it’s the right time to start a family?

  • I like my life now- do I really want to change it?

At some point in life nearly every adult faces this decision, but you don’t have to face it alone.

I've seen many couples through incredible relationship transformations. Some who end up choosing children now, some who wait, and others who decide not to parent. 

And I’ve worked with lots of individual clients who don’t have a partner on the same page or who don’t have one at all to decide what’s best for them as prospective parents.

Read below for more info on how we sort through this difficult choice.


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We don’t do anything by the book so we didn’t want to just have kids because everyone around us seemed to be having them. These sessions really helped us figure out how to make a family our own way.
— Ted & Kayla, Milwaukee, WI