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I'll help you create sustainable growth in the relationships that matter most to you.

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“Gina makes the most complex parts of our relationship problems really easy to understand. I didn’t know I needed to learn so much about relationships.
I always walk away [from sessions] seeing things from a new perspective.”
— Dan & Megan, Buffalo, New York


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Couples Retreats | Communication Workshops | Relationship Coach | Couples Therapy | Self Improvement
“Before if we fought we wouldn’t speak for days. Now it’s like 30 minutes and we hug.”
— Jenny & Jeff, Chicago, Illinois
 ”All it took was one free discovery call with Gina and we were headed in a better direction.”
— Allyson & Mark, London, UK
“In our very first session Gina saw something in us I hadn’t realized in seven years together. That shifted everything.”
— Sarah & Tara, Portland, Oregon
“Gina made the hard stuff seem so much easier. I don’t think we’d still be together without her.”
— Brian & Amaya, Portland, Oregon
“I’m really not a big therapy person, but Gina made it easy to talk to her without judging us and her help really got us thinking bigger about what we need in life and from each other.
I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m glad we went through it.”
— Adam & Cassandra, Beaverton, OR
“We fight less now. And when we do it’s way better. We get over it quicker and I don’t always worry she’s leaving me.”
— Elsa & Erikah, Portland, Oregon
“Gina gave me the a-ha moment I needed to leave a really terrible relationship. I’m glad she tells it like it is.”
— Kurt, Asheville, North Carolina
Couples Retreats | Communication Workshops | Relationship Coach | Couples Therapy | Self Improvement


  • Bring a decade of experience helping hundreds of incredible people deeply connect to themselves and the people they love

  • Help you listen and communicate effectively, end repetitive argument cycles, and let go of baggage

  • Use a sex-positive framework and vast sexuality knowledge to fan flames of passion between you

  • Identify ways to manage intense emotions

  • Rebuild trust and intimacy if it's waning

  • Use a strengths-based approach to help you grow

  • Keep momentum and hope alive - even if it's hard for you to feel hopeful

  • Deeply care about your personal growth and well-being and at the same time hold you accountable to the goals you set for yourself


  • Sit and nod - instead, we'll take action. Be forewarned: I've been described as "direct and not-coddling."

  • Add shame or judgment to your experience (there's already too much of that in the world)

  • Collude with you when you're being too hard on yourself

  • Treat you like you're broken (because you're not)

  • Assume your experience is the same as mine or anyone else's

  • Pathologize you (I don't treat mental illness, so you won't receive a diagnosis, assessment or treatment for mental health conditions or substance use)