trust in relationships

Trust is the cornerstone of a solid relationship. Without it we struggle to connect, commit, or create.

Every couple I work with struggles with trust from time to time. Not due to the larger betrayals we often look for, but because trust is both built and eroded in the smallest of moments in relationships.

I’ve created a toolset to help you start out with a strong trustworthy foundation as you begin a new chapter of life. In it we’ll also focus on the skills you need to repair and reinforce trust over time if you want to stay together.

Read more about my work specifically on trust here.

I’m really not a big therapy person, but Gina made it easy to talk to her without judging us and her help really got us thinking bigger about what we need in life and from each other.
I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m glad we went through it.
— Adam & Cassandra, Beaverton, OR