I ask all clients who start this work to consider their mindset as a critical piece in the success of our coaching work.  Please review the learning agreements below as you prepare for relationship coaching.


I (coaching client) acknowledge that:

  • in the past some of my choices have negatively impacted those around me, including those I love, and myself,

  • there is a possibility I will repeat these past choices as patterns in the future,

  • change and growth are not linear processes,

  • I want to improve quality of life and reduce stress for myself and those I care for by changing my relationship patterns.


In order to deepen my awareness to grow and learn in this process I will:

  • give myself space to have fun, experiment, create and change my mind,

  • stay open to feedback and willing to learn from my partner, and others I care for,

  • offer consensual compassionate feedback to my partner and/or other participants,

  • offer feedback to my facilitator/coach if the process needs adjustment for my learning style,

  • examine my inner resistance and limiting beliefs, actions, and reactions and

  • ask for support, advice, encouragement, empathy, resources, and tools when I need,

  • pace myself as I work through tools and resources,

  • commit to completing planned personal work between meetings and after the event.


In order to create meaningful lasting change in my relationship patterns, I will:

  • pay attention to the choices I make and claim responsibility for them,

  • seek to understand the consequences of my choices (including those I didn’t intend),

  • not use the actions of others as excuses for my choices,

  • do all I can to repair negative impact done by my chosen actions or omissions,

  • explore the patterns of behavior that lead to my actions and omissions,

  • address and change unhealthy, out-of-balance, and/or harmful patterns,

  • practice self-compassion, giving myself permission to make mistakes as I shape new patterns,

  • extend this practice of compassion to my partner and understand they will make mistakes as they learn, grow, and shape new patterns.