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Six Forms of Intimacy in Healthy Relationships

  • Gina Senarighi Coaching & Consulting online - free call (map)

Join this month's very intimate free call to learn what you need to know to sustain intimacy in long-term relationships.

Here's what we'll cover:

1. The six forms of intimacy you need to sustain vibrant fulfilling relationships.

2. How to cultivate intimate friendships without breaking trust.

3. How to manage insecurity in relationships.

4. How to better balance independence and meaningful connection in intimate partnerships.

We'll end with a quick coaching session to answer your specific questions about intimacy in your own relationship!

When you register I'll send you an access code for my free relationship tool library, which includes eight specific tools and guides for healthy communication and boundaries. It also hosts my consent and intimacy guides for passionate partnerships.

Sign up today and join the conversation!