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Twenty Ways to Build Trust Today


"Trust is built in the smallest of moments." - John Gottman, one of the greatest relationship researchers has cracked the code on trust building in relationships.  And consistently his data shows that trust is built (and broken) not in the biggest incidents we share with others, but in the tiniest of day to day actions.  

Here are twenty quick examples of ways you can start building trust by being more trustworthy right now.  The trick is, trust takes courage.  If you need help building trust or courage give me a call.  I'm here to help.

  1. Call your friend who is struggling and just listen
  2. Write a thank you note and send it
  3. Apologize for a time you misunderstood someone
  4. Honor someone's courage
  5. Give someone the benefit of the doubt
  6. Stop yourself from gossiping
  7. Share specific gratitude with a colleague
  8. Use impeccable honesty
  9. Ask deeper questions of your coworkers
  10. Tell your partner why you love them (get specific)
  11. Show up when you say you will
  12. Send an encouraging text to a friend doing something hard
  13. Offer to help someone with a specific task
  14. Ask for help from someone 
  15. Apologize for a time you were late
  16. Suspend judgment and create a loving narrative
  17. Send a gratitude email
  18. Acknowledge the impact you have on another 
  19. Think of one way you can make your partner's life easier and do it
  20. Say no to anything you can't be absolutely certain you will complete


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Gina Senarighi, MA, MS, CPC is a retired couples counselor and sex therapist, now full-time retreat coach, workshop facilitator, and author.  Her twenty years working in communication and positive psychology she has transformed diverse relationships across the country. 

Her uniquely non-judgmental, inclusive approach to couples work puts even the most concerned participants at ease.  She's not your average sit-and-nod supporter- she'll hold hope even when it's hard and always help you grow.

Call for a consultation to see how she can help you deepen connection, communicate effectively, and passionately reignite your relationship.