strengths in relationship


The turn of the year is a beautiful time for reflection. 

Having an annual pause for reflection helps us identify where we want to grow and how we want to change in the coming year.  

We reflect on our year and set personal resolutions for a better year to come.

Yet few of us use this awareness review and renew with our partner.  Give your love the attention it deserves, start a new awareness practice this season.  

Download this totally free 4-Part Annual Relationship Renewal Series and you'll get my simple process to reconnect with meaning and transform your partnership with intention as the year turns. 

Click the image below to download the worksheet.

Assessment isn't about critique- it's about discernment.

In the past year, you've learned a lot about your strengths as a couple and can easily identify areas for growth.  Let's take a look at the tools of decision making and skills of communication that nourish your connection and deepen your commitment. 

This simple reflection is based on the science of trust and connection in relationships.  It's specifically designed to help you assess your strengths and grow in new directions with meaning and intention.

Today we'll get specific about decision making and communication as well as the roles and responsibilities you share as a couple.

Once again, give yourself time to sit on your own and reflect on these and write out your responses.  I mean it, write a full response.  Forcing yourself to put things into written words has incredible power, and your relationship deserves your full attention.  

After you've written out your own responses and feel complete, check-in and share with your partner.  For each response, they give notice your response and try to ask for more information.  This is a great opportunity to get to know this special person all over again. 

Click the image below to download the worksheet.