reflection for couples

End of Year Reflection for Relationships: Envision a Shared Future

The turn of the year is a beautiful time for reflection. 

Having an annual pause for reflection helps us identify where we want to grow and how we want to change in the coming year.  

We reflect on our year and set personal resolutions for a better year to come.

Yet few of us use this awareness review and renew with our partner.  Give your love the attention it deserves, start a new awareness practice this season.  

Download this totally free 4-Part Annual Relationship Renewal Series and you'll get my simple process to reconnect with meaning and transform your partnership with intention as the year turns. 

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"What I like most about change is that it’s a synonym for ‘hope.’ If you're taking a risk, what you're really saying is, ‘I believe in tomorrow and I will be part of it'"


One of the most critical differences in couples who move forward together and those who don't make it is their ability to cultivate and nourish a shared vision of the future.  

Those who tend their visions together like a garden- (diligently, gently, and frequently) are far more likely to move toward and fulfill shared aspirations.

Every great garden starts with a clear vision.  From that vision, we can create and follow a plan- together.

Today we cultivate that shared vision.  

Once again, give yourself time to sit on your own and reflect on these and write out your responses.  Use the power of your written words to cultivate new meaning together. Check in and share with your partner only after you've had time to really get clear on your own. 

Visioning is intended to be inspirational and aspirational only.  Let your creative dreams flow together.  

With each response, your sweetie shares notice your inner responses and try to ask for more information.  Often we feel pulled to critique and problem-solve when visioning.  If you feel pulled to either set those thoughts aside for a future conversation. 

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This shared visioning process is some of the most rewarding work I do with couples.  I'd love to share it with you!  Give me a call if you want to deepen this conversation.