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Four Great Articles on Boundaries in Relationships

Every week I read (often saving and re-reading) great materials from others about healthy relationships and strong relationship boundaries.  Here's a quick list of four of my all-time favorites.

Six Steps to Setting Boundaries in Relationships by Jennifer Twardowski

For all of you wanting a step-by-step guide to making boundaries work this is the basic primer for you.  Jennifer spells it out in six easy steps to get clear and ask for what you need.

Healthy Relationships: Setting Boundaries from Love is Respect

Love is respect is FULL of great resources on healthy relationships.  I strongly recommend checking out just about everything on their site.  If you want one easy to read starting place this article is great for outlining the kinds of spaces to consider boundaries (in-person and online in particular).  Start here and then use the rest of their site to dive deeper in relationship 101. 

How to Set Healthy Boundaries: 3 Critical First Stepsfrom Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha is always a great resource for personal narratives and self-reflection.  I love this post because it outlines three great ways to get clear internally and do a little self-assessment when considering boundaries with other people.

Boundaries in Relationships from Life Esteem

Life esteem may not be the prettiest site out there, but for all of you wondering why setting boundaries is so dang hard, this article literally spells it out.  If you keep wondering why boundaries are tripping you up, there might be some useful tips in here.

If you want help setting and maintaining boundaries that work for you in relationships give me a call for a free consultation.  I'm happy to support you in creating healthy boundaries that work for you and your loved ones.

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Gina Senarighi, MS, MA, CPC has helped thousands of couples review their growth together, and renew their connection moving forward. 

For nearly 15 years she's specialized in strengths-focused, positive psychology-based relationship advice and coaching to nurture lasting joy and and resilience in her client's relationships.  

She will help you:

  • develop a shared vision and goals- and create actionable steps to move in that direction
  • overcome outdated patterns and establish new intentional, healthy ones
  • strengthen trust or repair it after infidelity or dishonesty
  • connect in meaningful ways during and well after life transitions
  • design rituals of connection that will keep you close for many years
  • break stale or unhealthy communication patterns and learn new skills 

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