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Thank you for checking out my site!  It's an honor to share my passion and purpose with my clients and readers. I hope you find the support you're looking for to nourish and strengthen the bonds between you and your love.    

Please say hi and let me know how I can support you! 

Warmly, Gina

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Gina Senarighi Relationship Coach | Couples Retreats | Couples Therapy
  • I believe my clients are whole, capable, and resourceful.  It's my honor to join their journey.

  • I believe in the power of authentic connected relationships.

  • I've dedicated my life to eradicating isolation and shame.

  • I respect people who ask for help.

  • Good people make terrible mistakes sometimes.  I know we ALL deserve love and compassion- even and especially when we screw up. 

  • Trust can be rebuilt (but it helps to rebuild it skillfully).

  • Vulnerability is courage.  It fosters connection, intimacy, and creativity.

  • Developing a compassionate relationship with oneself is the gateway to meaningfully connected relationships with others.

  • Creativity, learning, desire and passion are critical to well-being.

  • Most of us are given poor relationship education. Often we don't know how to love well. I believe we can all learn to communicate and love better. 

Entrepreneur Relationships | Entrepreneur Marriage | Couples Coach
Gina Senarighi Relationship Coach | Couples Retreats | Couples Therapy

As an extension of my personal values, I donate 20% of my income each month to support the work of these powerful organizations:

Event Speaker Couples Retreats | Communication Workshops | Relationship Coach | Couples Therapy
Gina Senarighi Relationship Coach | Couples Retreats | Couples Therapy

Gina Senarighi, MA, MS, CPC is a retreat coach, workshop facilitator, and author.  She's been leading teams and couples to clarity and connection for over twenty years.  


In that time she's developed a solid framework based in neuroscience, nonviolent communication, and positive psychology research that has transformed diverse relationships across the country.

Gina retired her couples counseling practice in 2016 to focus entirely on supporting folks who crave relationship wellness and want to get healthy before their relationship starts to fall apart.  Gina offers practical, proven skills to  transform relationships in deeply meaningful ways.  

As a retreat coach, her background in coaching, psychology, mediation and communication training has enabled her to offer uniquely powerful tools to help clients overcome stuck patterns.  

Her uniquely non-judgmental, inclusive approach to couples work puts even the most concerned participants at ease.  She is not your average sit-and-nod supporter- she'll call you out, and always help you grow.  

As one participant put it, "Gina never coddles me, but I always feel supported."  Read more from her past clients here.

She has specialized in communication skill building as well as repairing trust and intimacy when stakes are high.   These cornerstones of her work support couples through life transitions together- instead of growing apart.  

Gina has created thousands of tools, worksheets, guides and authored a few books to support relationships (even beyond has client base).  Get on her email list if you'd like access to her tool library.

Gina Senarighi Relationship Coach | Couples Retreats | Couples Therapy


I work with people who have a bigger vision for their lives, relationships, or partnerships. No matter their background, as a coworking team, a community organization, or a loving partnership, they share a deep desire to love more authentically in their personal lives, communicate effectively at work and at home,  build meaningful lasting partnerships. 

If this sounds interesting to you and you'd like to investigate how I can help, you can email me, and we can talk.  



Most of my long distance clients work with me virtually via phone or video sessions, and for those in Portland, Oregon, we meet in person. Some choose to work in inspiring locations around the world for intensive or group workshop sessions. Whatever is best for the client, the situation, and maximizing the potential of our work.

There are a few ways to work with me:

  • Personal vision and strategy sessions: private coaching clients

  • Group workshops and teaching: community gatherings or organizational teams

  • Retreats: group or private reflection journeys in an inspiring location

Madison Relationship Coach | Madison Executive Coach | Madison Entrepreneur Coach

Clients typically seek my support when they are looking for:

  • Reconnection to a partner after years of parallel growth and distance

  • Change in long-held communication patterns

  • Resolution of problematic situations and conflicts

  • Strategic roadmaps and action plans to develop a meaningful shared life

  • Self-discovery after years of focusing on other things or people

  • Shifting from blame or resentment to compassion and connection

  • An objective set of eyes to remove blockages and obstacles

  • Creative solutions that may have been overlooked

  • Championing of long-term vision and motivation boosting

  • Brainstorming untapped resources and new paths forward

Gina Senarighi Relationship Coach | Couples Retreats | Couples Therapy

Couples coaching & Personal work:

Individual one-on-one sessions are good for people who want to keep ongoing focus on their goals, with accountability, collaborative support, and guidance. Ambitious and inspired people tend to evaluate their life or career at the beginning of a new year or season. But a new year, or new goal begins whenever you decide it begins.

Coaching sessions are designed as a structure for commitment to flourish, making real change happen–  typically ranging from 3 months- 1 year depending on the vision, goal and timeline. For clients with a time sensitive goal, there are intensive 1, 2, or 3 day intensive coaching structures available.

If you have a specific vision that you are ready to execute, or a pattern you're ready to shift, send me an email and we will find a time to talk. Then we will know if this type of individual strategy and support is right for you.

Gina Senarighi Relationship Coach | Couples Retreats | Couples Therapy | Couples Workshops


A way for a small group or team to reconnect with your purpose, communicate intentionally and effectively, get inspired and cultivate a shared vision. It presents focused time to strengthen the relationship core, while allowing individuals the space to reflect on personal needs and values.

These workshops serve as a catalyst to propel a couple or team forward, while also reinvigorating individuals on a personal level. If this sounds like something that you might benefit from, send me an email and we'll discuss the possibilities. 

Gina Senarighi Relationship Coach | Couples Retreats | Couples Therapy | Couples Workshops

Retreats (group and private):

Each retreat is an opportunity to recalibrate your life’s (career or business) story, start a new chapter, tweak the plot, find a way through obstacles, tap into an inspired place filled with enthusiasm and resources—whatever it takes to make it great.

A great option for people who want to transport themselves from their day-to-day and focus intensively on individual goals alongside a small group, or on a private retreat. These retreats typically happen just once or twice per year (Spring & Fall). To learn more about retreats, click here.

To learn more about private retreats, which can be hosted in Portland, Oregon or on the Oregon Coast, or a location closer to you, send an email and we will talk.



If you are interested in hearing more or have specific questions about how I can help, then please feel free to send me an email and we will find a time to talk. 

Gina Senarighi Relationship Coach | Couples Retreats | Couples Therapy | Couples Workshops

"Before if we fought we wouldn't speak for days. Now it's like 30 minutes and we hug."

- Jenny & Jeff, Chicago, Illinois

"We realized quickly every time we don't take Gina's advice we end up in disaster.  So we're going to keep on with coaching for help staying the course."

- Kathrine & Thomas, Portland, Oregon


"We didn't need a ton of work on our relationship but we knew we didn't want to end up like so many divorced couples we know. And we'd both had serious heartbreaks before. We were worried old patterns would show up. 

Working with Gina helped us understand ourselves better and make intentional choices about how we want to be together."

- Brian, Seattle, Washington


"Thank you for your work with us-we are experiencing so much positive growth in our relationship and are really grateful."

- Tara & AJ, Honolulu Hawaii

"All it took was one free discovery call with Gina and we were headed in a better direction."

- Allyson & Mark, London


"We live by the law of attraction it seemed natural that we would create an intentional relationship with as much care and investment as we do everything else. 

Gina supported our mindset and spiritual choices in our work and helped us bring our relationship into alignment."

- Dawn & Mark, Willsonville, OR


"Gina helped me love myself first. I'm clear with myself and can ask partners for what I need now."

- Leah, New York City

"The daily gratitude practice was really powerful. I can't believe how much this simple thing helped us reconnect."

- Dreya & Molly, Portland, Oregon


"Gina makes the most complex parts of our relationship problems really easy to understand. I didn't know I needed to learn so much about relationships. I always walk away [from sessions] seeing things from a new perspective."

- Dan & Megan, Buffalo, New York


"When we came [to see Gina] it felt like we were each doing our own thing. Now it feels like this is something we're doing together... something that will bring us even closer. It was really good for me to have a facilitator help me move from scarcity and fear to connection."

- Alissa & Stephanie, Seattle, Washington

"I'm sick of working with therapists and never really seeing anything change. Gina is different. I always walk away with things to think about and action steps to take. I feel like I'm making real progress for the first time."

Sarah, Portland, Oregon


"I'm really not a big therapy person, but Gina made it easy to talk to her without judging us and her help really got us thinking bigger about what we need in life and from each other.  I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm glad we went through it."

- Adam & Cassandra, Beaverton, Oregon


"In our very first session Gina saw something in us I hadn't realized in seven years together. That shifted everything."

- Sarah & Tara, Portland, Oregon

"Gina made the hard stuff seem so much easier. I don't think we'd still be together without her." 

- Brian & Amaya, Portland, Oregon


"I feel a million times better than when we started couples coaching. When we first called Gina I thought we might be splitting up. We're both really solid on our own and we've grown more so over the years. I thought we'd tried everything possible to reconnect. But even after one session I felt things starting to shift. Gina suggested simple things that helped us get back to solid ground." 

- Mariah, Seattle, Washington


"After meeting with Gina, we've been closer than ever [in our fourteen year marriage]." 

- Brenda & Loren, New York City

"I didn't get what I wanted out of [working with Gina] but I got something even better.  I can't describe it exactly, but I didn't know it could be this good between us."

- Brenda & Loren, New York City


"Listening to Gina's talk tonight rocked me to my core.  I've known I was ready to transform my life and felt stagnant in my relationships but now I'm ready and prepared to do something about it."

- Jocelynn, Portland, Oregon


"The first time we met Gina I said I wanted to break up.  It's two months later and we're happier than I thought we could be. 

It wasn't easy but she called us out and got us back on track.  I feel like I got my partner back."

- Sorren & Nicole, Portland, Oregon

"She tells it like it is. I really like that every week I walk away with something to think about or actually do.  

Gina never coddles me and is pretty directive- which I need. I always know she's on my side, but she never holds back."

- Liz, Portland, Oregon


"Since starting with Gina we're more solid and affectionate.  I think we're having better, deeper conversations without getting offended like we used to and we resolve things pretty quickly."

- Laura & Alliyah, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


"We grew apart over the years and Gina saw right through it.  We were getting along fine, but really distant.  When we first saw her it felt like we were miles apart. 

She got us back on track.  I feel like we're on the same team again."

- Sarah & Kevin, Chicago, Illinois

"Even the smallest suggestions Gina made have created monumental shifts almost instantly."

- Kathrine & Ben, Chicago, Illinois



"Living purposefully has been the key to my success at work so when we started having some tension at home I realized I wanted to put that same intentionality into my relationship. 

We met Gina at World Domination Summit and she helped us reconnect with our core values and desires and make a plan for our beautiful future."

- Ken & Kris, Atlanta, GA 


Gina Senarighi Relationship Coach | Couples Retreats | Couples Therapy | Couples Workshops

PhD in Religious Studies- Pastoral Counseling, 2019 (because I want those three little letters attached to my name and I like talking about less traditional spiritual paths)

MA in Counseling Psychology, 2010 (because I wanted to teach people to love themselves & others better)

MS in Higher Education, 2004 (because I used to teach college students to be leaders)

BS in Social Studies Education, 2002 (because I was going to be a History teacher)

BA in Women's Studies, 2002 (because when everyone questions feminism it helps to have books to reference)

BS in Geography, 2002 (because I really, really like maps)

Relationship Coach | Couples Retreat | Organizational Development | Team Builder
Gina Senarighi Relationship Coach | Couples Retreats | Couples Therapy | Couples Workshops

Imago Relationship Therapist, Level 1, 2018 (where I helped couples deepen connection in new ways)

Gottman Certified Therapist Level 2, 2018 (when I wanted to increase tools for relationship change)

Daring Way Facilitator Certification, 2014 (where I learned all about resiliency, courage, shame, & belonging)

Desire Map Licensing Program, 2014 (where I got clear about desire & goals)

Positive Psychology Certification, 2013 (where I learned the science of happiness & tools to build happy lives)

LGBTQ Therapist Certification, 2010 (where I got real official about serving a fabulous community)

Relationship Research Institute Intern, 2010 (where I learned all about fighting, making up & building trust)

Gottman Certified Therapist Level 1, 2010 (where I got to research couples communication patterns deeply)

Trauma Stewardship Institute, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 (where I learned to prioritize of self care & balance)

Compassionate Listening Project, 2008 (where I focused on the importance of being heard in order to heal)

People's Institute Northwest, 2007, 2008, 2009 (where I really practiced listening & reflecting on privilege)

National Coalition Building Institute, 2007 (where I learned what to do with internalized oppression)

Invite Change - Transformative Coach Certification, 2006-2008 (where I learned my transformative life coach skills)

Family & Neighborhood Mediation Intern, 2005-2009 (where I learned about repairing relationships & trust)

Nonviolent Communication Intern, 2005-2008 (where I learned about ask for what you want & really listen)

Kinsey Institute Sex Educator Certification, 2004 (where I started talking to people about passion & sex)

Gina Senarighi Relationship Coach | Couples Retreats | Couples Therapy | Couples Workshops

Gottman Certified Therapist (because no one has done more research on couples than this guy)

Imago Relationship Therapist (because there are lots of ways to connect)

Sex Therapist Certification (because passion and sex are central to healthy relationships)

Yoga Therapy Certification (because I help people connect with their bodies)

Reiki Master Certification (because there is more to life and love than just what we see with our eyes)


International Coaching Federation

American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, & Therapists

Relationship Coach | Couples Retreat | Organizational Development | Team Builder
Gina Senarighi Couples Retreats | Communication Workshops | Relationship Coach | Couples Therapy

Check out the options below to learn more about my work in the world:

Gina Senarighi Couples Retreats | Communication Workshops | Relationship Coach | Couples Therapy
Entrepreneur Relationships | Power Couples | Entrepreneur Couples | Relationship Coach

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  • Business & entrepreneurial consulting

  • Interview requests

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I LOVE SNAIL MAIL: 1360 Regent St #165, Madison, WI 53715

Name *

I want to say a word about boundaries and clear communication - and how they operate in my work - so that we're all on the same page, and the proper relationships and connections can be made.

Healthy boundaries are the foundation for all trusting relationships after all.

I work very hard to create clear communication expectations in every working relationship.

The majority of the messages received here will receive a response within seven days.  I want you to know I read all kind and/or thoughtful notes and critiques sent to me, but I make no guarantee for a personal response.  I simply receive too many messages. 

If you'd like to speak with me, schedule a consultation, hire me, or attend an event.  I would love to see you there!


I ask all clients who start this work to consider their mindset as a critical piece in the success of our coaching work.  Please review the learning agreements below as you prepare for relationship coaching.


I (coaching client) acknowledge that:

  • in the past some of my choices have negatively impacted those around me, including those I love, and myself,

  • there is a possibility I will repeat these past choices as patterns in the future,

  • change and growth are not linear processes,

  • I want to improve quality of life and reduce stress for myself and those I care for by changing my relationship patterns.


In order to deepen my awareness to grow and learn in this process I will:

  • give myself space to have fun, experiment, create and change my mind,

  • stay open to feedback and willing to learn from my partner, and others I care for,

  • offer consensual compassionate feedback to my partner and/or other participants,

  • offer feedback to my facilitator/coach if the process needs adjustment for my learning style,

  • examine my inner resistance and limiting beliefs, actions, and reactions and

  • ask for support, advice, encouragement, empathy, resources, and tools when I need,

  • pace myself as I work through tools and resources,

  • commit to completing planned personal work between meetings and after the event.


In order to create meaningful lasting change in my relationship patterns, I will:

  • pay attention to the choices I make and claim responsibility for them,

  • seek to understand the consequences of my choices (including those I didn’t intend),

  • not use the actions of others as excuses for my choices,

  • do all I can to repair negative impact done by my chosen actions or omissions,

  • explore the patterns of behavior that lead to my actions and omissions,

  • address and change unhealthy, out-of-balance, and/or harmful patterns,

  • practice self-compassion, giving myself permission to make mistakes as I shape new patterns,

  • extend this practice of compassion to my partner and understand they will make mistakes as they learn, grow, and shape new patterns.



Dr. Gina Senarighi, PhD, CPC is a sexuality counselor and certified relationship coach specializing in human connection, intimacy, authenticity, shame-resilience, and alternative relationships. For over twelve years she has coached hundreds of online clients, retreat attendees, and couples to create fulfilling integrity-based relationships according to their own rules.

Gina Senarighi Couples Coach | Entrepreneurial Couples | Working Partners

She attended Saybrook University where she graduated with honors and received her Master of Arts degree in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2010. She received her Bachelor degree in Education from the University of Wisconsin in 2002 and a Masters of Science in Education with a minor in Human Sexuality from Indiana University in 2004. In 2019 she completed her PhD in Spiritual Studies and Pastoral Counseling.

Gina was named Portland’s Best Life Coach in 2019 and is an award-winning teacher, author, & speaker. She has taught psychology courses, communication workshops, couples intimacy retreats, and guest lectured on alternative relationships, and sex-positive therapy at twenty universities across the US.

Gina believes you are entitled to your desires and pleasure and with better relationship and sex education we’d build a more compassionate, creative, confident, and fulfilled society. She understands first-hand the struggles creative and entrepreneurial couples face as they navigate the abundant joys and challenges that come with a high-achieving lifestyle. She knows all relationships need a tune-up from time to time and has been praised by clients for her friendly non-judgmental approach to couples work.

When she’s not teaching, coaching or consulting you can find her in her gorgeous urban garden, hiking Door County with her tiny dog, cooking lavish dinners, playing with her two sweet kids, or traveling the world with her partner, Rae.